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With my parasol in hand, I welcome you to my Lifestyle Gift Guide. It was created with the gusto that comes from a culmination of everything I am passionate about. Through my personal curation of gift guides you'll find the coolest and newest products and gifts for different occasions. I also dive deeply into how important gifting is, even if it's just a Rocher chocolate you hand a friend when you meet them for lunch, or texting an old photo to a family member to say hi. 

I hope to inspire you to create the neatest DIY projects (gifts and decor) and help you discover how grandma's old plate, from 100 years ago, really does add a bit of elegance to any room.  As for living the best lifestyle, I'm excited to energize you with some of my entertaining insights, daily discoveries, health talk, travel time and family pet shenanigans. And for you midlife thrivers, I'm excited to share my stories that will spark a memory and encourage you to misbehave if only just for a little. We might not be 20 years old but we can certainly dream and embrace what lies ahead with exhilarating passion! 


About Me

I grew up and lived in Brooklyn, NY for 24 years, and will forever look back on that wonderful time of my life with a big smile and great memories of all the people I was blessed to know.  I've been married, for 35 years, to a terrific man who has supported everything I've wanted to do, and knows exactly when to reel me back into reality. My hint to a long marriage is "never stop flirting" and that's an article I loved writing. I'm a proud mom of three grown kids: a beautiful daughter, two handsome sons and a wonderful son-in-law.  You have to see our family text messages. I am also blessed with a large extended family and a close group of friends who are my Framily. My pet family members are a 26yr old amazon parrot - Ollie and a 4 yr old Hovawart doggie - Donnie. I have also had the honor of being a foster pet mom on occasion. 

I've always enjoyed life's experiences: family and friend time, shopping for gifts, creating new projects, decorating, travelling, entertaining, reading, culture, beautiful flowers, finding healthier alternatives, driving anywhere, dancing (lots of it) and setting out on new adventures.  I live by four mottos "Smiling is contagious", "Life is the greatest train ride", "Well behaved women rarely make history" and the one I preach all the time "Character is so important." And, yes, the last two do align! 

At the prime age of 54,  I had been an at-home mom,  PTA mom (president for a few years too),  gymnastic mom who travelled the country watching my boys compete through to the D1 collegiate level, music/drama mom taking my daughter to the city for acting lessons, mom to an aspiring radio personality and oh... I was also a wife too. At one point, when the kids were older, I turned to my husband and said that I wanted to dabble at part-time jobs. He wasn't too happy but said ok, and so I did a few hours here and there. My kids were quick to say "Mom's got a new hobby"... unbelievable!  Then I was determined to reenter the workforce with a permanent part-time job.  I had fun being a brand ambassador and a health fair event coordinator. With enthusiasm, I became a full time health fair corporate sales rep, secured new clients, coordinated and hosted health events across the country then collaborated with healthy snack companies. October of 2019 I started a new division, for the wonderful company I worked for,  setting out to introduce consumers to the newest products on the market... then COVID hit. As things halted, with the help of two wonderful women,  in 3 short months, we started a podcast offering entrepreneurs another avenue to meet with consumers. This led to published gift guides, product reviews, boxed gift curations and podcast collaborations.

When the world started opening up, I was asked to help the health fair side of our company again. I juggled two full time positions that led to many hours and stress,  Then it happened, severe thyroiditis hit and I had to have a brain tumor removed immediately.  As I live with lupus and celiac I have encountered medical issues many times before that challenged my stamina and went into brain surgery like a warrior.  After a difficult recovery, I returned back to work a few months later. Only thing... I wasn't the same and this prompted deep introspection. It was also time to listen to my family: live a healthier, calmer lifestyle and share with others things I am most passionate about.

So, here I am today living life at my own pace, enjoying wonderful activities, reading and listening to great books, reconnecting with nature, writing my legacy and my parents legacy, volunteering more, and of course sharing my Gift Guide and Lifestyle Blog with you. Maybe you'll hop aboard my train ride through life and explore with me and laugh a lot! I promise to have your favorite cup of tea, coffee, or fun drink readily available for you to enjoy!

Remember...Smiling Is Contagious...Always!

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