• Felicia

Bogg Bag Is Quite The Beach Bag!

Updated: Sep 28

It's not just a fashion statement it has a purpose!

Vacation, Weekender and More

I was introduced to the Bogg Bag during a birthday getaway, with my besties. My sister, who finds unique gifts, and sometimes ones that are well...a little out there, gifted me a Bogg Bag for my birthday. When I opened the gift bag and pulled it out I went “Wow, I like this, I really like this!” My cousin's reaction was "Oh wow, I’ve seen these bags online." As we were all getting ready, choosing outfits for dinner, I quickly checked out my new bag. It was blue, sturdy, had cool straps and lots of open holes. I learned they were made for easy cleaning. What an Indestructible beach bag. What a cool idea!

So the next day it made it’s way to the beach with all of us and found it's place in the sand standing upright and never falling down. My sis and my dearest friend were it's guards never letting anyone near it, including me.

The Dynamics of This Fun Bag

It was when I got home that I really explored the cool features of my Bogg Bag. How fabulous it is. In just one short month it has accompanied me to the beach and to pool gatherings. It continuously holds 2 beach towels, a book, my phone, sunglasses, suntan lotion, coverups, snacks and beverages. The attached inside clear pouch is an extra feature that holds whatever you need it for.

The Bogg Bag is so very easy to clean. I rinse mine off in the sink then its ready for it’s next adventure. Oh the stories it can share!

Where to Buy

You can buy the original, x-large or Baby Bogg Bag in different colors and sizes. I found the original to work just right.


My Bullet Points Review:

  • Great fashion statement

  • Durable and roomy

  • Very user friendly

  • Treaded non-slip bottom.

  • Keeps sand at bay so you don't bring it home

  • Easy to clean

  • Keeps it’s shape

  • Variety of colors

  • Bonus: the handles slide down to one side for easy storage.

Final Thoughts

A must-have for a day out at the beach and poolside. I look forward to taking my Bogg Bag on a picnic and vacations. The only problem I see with this Bogg bag brand, is that I now need a few others in different colors to match my different beach outfits.

Have you seen a Bogg Bag lately?