• Felicia

Carnival Magic: 8 Ways It Exudes Fun!

From embarkation till you disembark, "Fun" is tops on the itinerary!

It's known as the fun ship for those seeking fun and not considered the line of choice for those seeking a quieter and formal atmosphere. With that said, this past August my family who have sailed on different cruise lines, from casual fun ships to formal cruise lines, opted to cruise on the Carnival Magic short New York to Bermuda itinerary. This trip was just what we needed for a quick getaway. And guess what? It was fun!

When you board a Carnival Cruise you instantaneously feel the energy that exudes everywhere you turn. It’s as if someone turned on the “Happy and Fun” button to extreme or even ludicrous! This button is never turned off and you feel this energy until the moment you leave the ship.

Here are 8 ways you experience fun on a Carnival Cruise.

1. Onboard Welcome Day

The moment you step on board Carnival you see so many pearly whites smiling at you. One or two people offer you a taste of a "fun" drink and then you proceed on your way to discover what makes this cruise line stand out. Music is playing and the ship's crew greet you everywhere you turn. As most experienced cruisers do, you immediately head to the Lido deck, check out the pool area, try something from the lunch buffet, the pizzeria, burger stop and of course the ice cream bar. Then you immediately focus on the DJ playing music from high atop the Lido deck and begin to feel your feet start to move. Before you know it, you're part of a mob dance group who all know the dance moves doing everything in sync!

2. Rooms

Once you find your room you're greeted by your room steward (more pearly whites) who knows exactly how to make you smile. He greets you as you enter your room (we always book a room with a balcony-I need fresh air) and soon after you notice the animal towel figure on your bed which sprouts your pearly whites to shine through. You take in your room's decor, size up the bathroom and immediately feel super good all around.

3. Activities Are Abundant

As with any other ship line Carnival has it's daily schedule planned so cruisers have options to decide between. I must compliment the activity cruise directors and their staff because I think they never sleep. One time I was up at 5AM (don't ask, I was just awake) in the morning and I saw the cruise director, who was present at some night shows, prepping an area for the violinists to set up for their morning show. As for the activity staff, just look around any time of day and one of them are overseeing some activity on board. They truly work hard!

Activities are abundant and you are always being entertained: from one of the lounges where you partake in a trivia game or the ever important Bingo event with its hefty payouts, to dance competitions, listening to comedians making you laugh so hard you begin to cry and of course the popular lobby musicians who are absolutely wonderful…always! Then there's the outdoor sports programs, the fitness room experiences for those trying to stay fit, the unique water or obstacle course, or the basketball court where you play against complete strangers who become your best pals by end of the cruise. And of course, don't forget the shops who seem to have raffle giveaways throughout the entirety of the cruise.

4. Nightlife is Tops

There is a reason Carnival cruise line is always considered number one in nightlife. Their nightlife is ongoing. It starts with the very engaging upbeat musical shows and the casino where everyone quickly finds their favorite slot machine or table game. Then there's the music you hear everywhere that has people of all ages singing and dancing together. You hear the tunes in every lounge you pass and the DJ’s really know how to get the crowds moving. I tend to move from one lounge to the next then onto the deck parties. My feet are in constant dance mode until I get back to my room and oh-my!

5. The Spa Embraces Your Senses

Relax with family or by yourself. As one who does regular spa treatments there’s always a reason to try one on Carnival. When you meet a Spa rep and they invite you to learn about what the Spa offers, do so and then decide what you want to enjoy, even if it's just a massage. My family enjoys hydrotherapy pools, hotbeds and saunas: all great for relaxing your body and soul so I highly recommend them especially when at sea for a day or two. Packages are reasonable and you have all day access: alone, with family or with friends.

6. Serenity -Adult Only Area Is Relaxation Time

There is always a time when you want to just relax in a quiet area on your cruise and the Serenity Adults - Only section is the one place to retreat to when you want a little down time to read a book, listen to your own tunes, or just fall asleep at sea. There's a bar area there for your favorite beverages so no worries about walking far to quench your thirst.

7. Kids and Activities

First, accolades to the crew who make 100’s of towel figures and place them on every pool chair and surrounding the Lido pool area. What a wonderful thing for kids and adults alike to see when they arrive poolside. These types of FUN ideas influence parents to become loyal Carnival cruisers. With the activities for young ones and teens alike there is never time when parents need to come up with ideas to keep their kids entertained. And, with the water parks, outdoor stations and obstacle courses kids make friends.

8. Food and Staff

The selections for dining are the typical buffets, with their freshly made wok and breakfast stations as well as the sit down planned dinner options to choose from. The staff at the sit down dinners are also smiling their pearly whites, always doing their best to accommodate your dining needs then take it up a notch on select days: singing and dancing for you. There are also finer dining options for additional money. Our family likes the options to explore the finer dining experiences. We recommend the Steak and Italia - La Cucina restaurants.

When planning to cruise with your children, young or older, Carnival has something for everyone and does not fail when it comes to "Fun." It is a cruise line that I look forward to cruising with again, next time for a longer voyage. Bon Voyage!

If you've cruised on Carnival what is one fun thing that stands out?

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