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DIY Pasta And Rose Christmas Centerpiece

Updated: Nov 7

A simple tabletop centerpiece every pasta lover will want on their table.

For all of the pasta lovers everywhere, not just the spaghetti and penne pasta cooks, why not make an extra special centerpiece for your kitchen table featuring your favorite food.

Did you know there are over 600 pasta shapes available on the market? Honestly, many of us do not know this. Even most Italians are only familiar with the traditional shapes they were brought up eating especially during Sunday dinner. So when it was time to make a few centerpieces for my Calabrese mother-in-law's 80th birthday party I envisioned designs that included her favorite food. But I decided to shy away from the shapes she traditionally uses for her pasta meals. Since mom's name is Rose I bought some roses, dried them upside down, gold dipped a few and added them to her pasta centerpiece. "Roses and Pasta...a perfect match! After adding a few extras to the centerpieces "Voila" Rose was everywhere.

Below you can follow the simple steps to creating this beauty for a tabletop centerpiece. Just make sure you turn on "That's Amore" or watch Moonstruck while creating this Christmas masterpiece.


Tagliatelle long pasta

Pappardelle nest pasta

Box (size depends on how big you want your centerpiece to be)

Flowers (faux or real) I chose fresh roses and dried them

Glue gun and 10 glue sticks

Gold crafters paint

Any gold or Christmas decorative stems, sticks, bushes or ornaments

A round or square tray to place centerpiece on


The hardest part of this DIY is finding the pasta for your backdrop and top focal points on your centerpiece. You'll become a "pasta sommelier" as you discover in awe, the many shapes available on the market.

  1. Buy 2 different pasta shapes.

  2. Dip some rose tips in gold crafters paint and let dry for at least 10 minutes.

  3. Now begin gluing the Tagliatelle pasta around your box. This will take a few minutes as hard pasta takes it's time sticking to the box surface.

  4. Add the Pappardelle pasta on top of the Tagliatelle pasta that covers the top of box.

  5. Remove roses or flowers from their stems and glue between or on top of the Pappardelle nests.

  6. Add the gold or Christmas decorative pieces to the centerpiece.

  7. Keep filling in to create a fuller look and add dimension.

  8. Place on tray and add some ornaments around to complete your centerpiece.


For an even more elaborate pasta tabletop centerpiece use 3 or more pasta shapes. Let the music you're listening to, or the show you're watching in the background, inspire you. Before you know it you'll have a pasta centerpiece that will influence you to boil some water and make your favorite pasta dish. "Que Sera Sera ~ whatever will be will be!"

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