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Easy DIY Faux Succulent Arrangement

Updated: Jun 30

Bring together a planter, large bowl, old tea pot, gravy boat or flower face pot with faux succulents from the Dollar Store, and create an outdoor focal piece that will surely impress and spark ideas in others.

Making an outdoor faux arrangement that will you'll absolutely love and impress your friends with can be quick and easy. First and foremost you need the right pot or planter to begin your project and having a vision sometimes isn't what you end up with. I love statues so when I found this face flower pot I knew it was just what I needed on my deck. I also, knew I wasn't going to fill it with potting soil, this way I can recycle it somewhere indoors when the cold weather arrives.

Now that I had the pot I had and not wanting fresh flowers to fill it, faux flowers would be my choice to create this compliment this lovely pot. Walking through Shoprite (follow here to learn about my great flower finds), I noticed all the fresh succulents they had and "lightbulb time", I knew faux succulents were just what I needed to complete this project. So off I went to the Dollar Store, to see if they had any succulents and excitedly I found different types and colors, along with some green stems to make this pot arrangement.

What I Used To Complete This Arrangement

One face flower pot . You can use any pot or planter for the base. Try to find one you have around your home, or know what décor you want to match and purchase one.

12 faux succulents

2 green stems as fillers

One foam rectangle

Some small rocks from my yard (to weigh down the pot in case of wind)

Quick 10 Minute Assembly

I placed the rocks inside the base of the planter. Then I inserted foam and fit it tight to all sides. If you need to shave off some sides of the foam brick you can use a kitchen knife or one side of scissors and always use them carefully. I then took the green stems and added them to the pot to create a backdrop, filler and dimension.

Now the fun part began, as I inserted succulent stems and kept adding more to the foam brick. If you're worried about the stems falling out you can add a drop or two, of crafters white glue to keep them more secured. Once I placed all your succulents in the planter I began adjusting all your flowers and greens for my desired look.

Within a few minutes I had a beautiful arrangement to add to my high top side table on my deck or anywhere in my home when the weather gets colder. I didn't make the arrangement too big, but if I find some other cool looking succulents as I peruse through shops I might add to my display. I assure you once you make yours you'll be impressing and inspiring others to try what you did.

If you have a neat idea for a faux display, and want to share it with others, reach out today and lets collab. Or if you want to make a faux display together, join one of my free workshops and let's get the faux on! Or just reach out @ Fluca@lifestylegiftguide.com


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