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Fall into this DIY Fall Centerpiece

Celebrate Fall by making your own Fall centerpiece that brings your entire table display together instantly, with a touch of elegance!

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, and if you’re planning on celebrating it, why not make your own fall centerpiece. As one who likes to recycle and create new projects this DIY centerpiece was inspired by a round copper rolled wood rose project that hung in my daughters room for years then made its way down to my conservatory. Now with it's brilliant copper color it became the base background for my newest centerpiece.

My DIY fall centerpiece uses very few florals and add-ons. For something so simple, this centerpiece looks absolutely gorgeous and pops on my dining room table. Since you’re here at Lifestyle Gift Guide I know you love DIY projects as much as I do. Here’s how you can create your own fall centerpiece with little hassle at all!


Any vase you have in your home waiting to feature your new display.

A craft foam ball ( 6-12 inches ) that can sit nicely on top of your vase.

Any color material you want to be the base for your centerpiece.

Approximately 4 stems with 4-5 flowers on them

Approximately 4 stems with 4-5 double leaves on each

1 bag of pearls (25 count)

1 strip of 1/2 pearl stick-on (20 count)

2 bags of baby glittered pumpkin picks (8 count)

A pair of scissors

Glue gun with 10 glue sticks( I use mini glue sticks)

Double sided clear tape (to wrap around pumpkin pick when adding to centerpiece)

Music to set the mood!


  1. I always work in the morning with daylight being the brightest to help me get a natural light look at whatever project I am creating.

  2. Place the round foam ball you'll be using as the base on a secure vase or on top of table you're working from

  3. If using a wood ball, like I did go to step 4. If using material: cut, fit and glue securely the material you chose to be the base for your background.

  4. Arrange florals in sections according to type. I set all florals around the centerpiece and placed pearl beads and pumpkin add-ons on the table.

  5. Now begin taking flowers off stems and gluing them sporadically around the foam ball. As you begin you'll notice a pattern you naturally take and continue as you feel.

  6. Then begin gluing 2 leaves in between the flowers.

  7. Add a pearl to middle of each flower on foam ball.

  8. For the extra added pop, place mini pumpkin picks where ever you like and add some 1/2 pearl stick ons where desired.

  9. I suggest at the end to view your centerpiece from all sides and add a few extra flowers on top. They make the centerpiece complete.


Now add whatever you want to the base of your vase. This will add more eye appeal to the centerpiece and make for a "wow" factor arrangement.

Listening to your favorite tunes while creating brings out more creativity. I love to listen to Yiruma, Chris Spheeris or Ludovico Einaudi.

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