• Felicia

How Beyond Van Gogh: An Immersive Experience Truly Enchants You!

It's truly an immersive experience that connects you with Van Gogh, allowing you to understand the personality that led to his brilliant work.

I saw Beyond Van Gogh: the immersive experience at the Hard Rock hotel in Atlantic City. My bestie and our daughters were in AC for our annual Mother-Daughter get away. Before entering the exhibit experience we were introduced to the experience by a very enthusiastic host, who described in a short 3 minutes what to expect. I must admit, he set the tone for everyone attending.

Immerse Into The Life of Van Gogh

Upon entering the first of three rooms, you are greeted with the very large Van Gogh projected paintings and picture frames suspended from the ceiling to view the paintings framed as if you were actually part of the gallery. Each projected painting presented captions from letters Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo. This helped you to paint a picture of Van Gogh’s life and the anguish he lived through his short life of 37 years.

Swirls Of Color

Next we moved to a transition room where a flat screen with a culmination of the colors from each of Van Gogh's famous paintings swirled into one another. If you are familiar with Van Gogh's art you knew what paintings the colors swirled out from. Most people didn't stay here too long and walked into the third room.

Technology Brings Art To Life

The third and most wonderful room was the immersive experience. Upon entering the room we began to see Van Gogh's paintings, with the thick strokes and color palette he used, being painted all around you floor to ceiling. This type of animation truly engulfs you and takes you back to another time. If you are familiar with Van Gogh’s paintings you'll quickly recognize Sunflowers, Postman, Irises and The Starry Night and all the magic around you. My daughter embraced The Starry Night.

With quotes being projected as the paintings came to life I did as others did, and quickly pulled out my phone to capture the ambiance. I immediately felt like I needed to click some quick selfies, or have someone take my photo to capture me within Van Gogh’s paintings. The Almond Blossom was the panting I most liked especially when the blossoms felt like they were floating all around me. How surreal.

Watching the people around me, I could see they were in awe and really enjoyed this short but delightful way to embrace such a talented artist.

After a while I was very relaxed and had a warm feeling inside with a sense of wanting to linger around and join the next group of people eager to experience this.

Van Gogh Finale

After the immersive experience ends I entered the gift shop where you can take a selfie with a Van Gogh painting. I liked Beyond Van Gogh. Would I go back to see it again? If I had the chance … yes.. The gals with me would do so too. This magical experience immediately relaxes you and allows you to immerse yourself into the surroundings while learning a little more about an artist whom so many know the name of, yet do not what paintings he is famous for.

Quick Tip

I suggest trying to stay center of the hall where you attend this experience to really grasp the feel of everything around you.

If you can’t make it to a museum that houses Van Gogh, the Van Gogh Experience is a must -see. It will have you wondering more about his life and other artists from the post-impressionism era.

Have you seen an immersive experience like Beyond Van Gogh. I would love to know more about it.