• Felicia

How To Rock A Parasol

Updated: Jul 23

Parasols Are Your Chic Stand-Out Fashion Statements.

I think it was at my bridal shower some 35 years ago, when I first encountered a parasol. You know, the one with lots of white ribbons that hangs upside down over your special "bride to be" chair. It's hanging there just waiting to be part of that awkward bow and ribbon hat photo op…eek! Yep, you do remember.😊

Now, fast forward to the first time I was officially introduced to a parasol. It was a Battenburg lace parasol I bought in St Marks Square-Venice. Even with sunscreen on, it was hard to walk around without one as the sun was as strong as it gets in July. Furthermore, me being me somehow knew it would make for a great fashion statement: the beautiful lace design, the spot-on craftmanship and light yet strong handle. It was my go-to throughout Italy, and I continue to use it here in the states.

My parasol is always on standby waiting to accompany me on my next adventure.

A Little Parasol History

The legacy of the sun protecting parasol supposedly started back in ancient Persia, when Palm branches and tree leaves would be fanned over the Persian king's head and those with status to protect them from the sun. Shortly after, the idea spread through China, and India and the emergence of paper then material parasols were made. When the parasols made it to Europe it was the French elite who used silk parasols. Then, years later parasols fell out of favor, but made a resurgence during the Italian renaissance revival. It was a necessary part of an elite woman's wardrobe, to keep her skin pale and unblemished, separating them from the commoners. Parasols were very important until around the late 1920's when women wanted to get suntans and so the parasol was put to rest, again.

Parasols Are Rocking It Again!

Have you seen a parasol lately? For the past few years, the parasol is back. You see more people using the traditional lace ones throughout Europe, in hot vacation spots and now at the Jersey shore by me. Parasols are also becoming more popular because unlike many sunblock lotions on the market, you get natural protection from the parasols made with UV protecting material and the lace ones are so chic! They have also become a popular bridal shower and wedding accessory, adding that beautiful touch to those very special photos. You can see how I used mine to complete a photo op area at my daughters bridal shower. And no... she didn't wear the big bridal hat!

Parasols Say "I've Arrived"

For me, the parasol is both a fashion accessory and a decorative must! My Battenburg lace parasol has been used numerous times, since Venice, and has become my private beach umbrella. You should have seen my girlfriend's faces and heard their comments the first time I opened it up at the Jersey Shore. "Hey" I said "I'm making a fashion statement, let me be me". And being my dear friends, they did just that.

By all means I do not endorse a Battenberg Lace parasol for full sun protection so keep your all-natural sun block handy. But with so many new UV lined parasols online you can find the perfect one to compliment your style for any occasion, especially at the beach, at a resort or just walking through the city.

Fashionista’s out there, you need to stock up on a few parasol styles and let the world know you are super chic and unique! Heck, if you're feeling a little playful, why not subtly place it somewhere in your home and catch the reactions of those who walk by.

How would you use a parasol? For home decoration, vacation or for a special occasion? I'd love to hear your parasol stories.