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Mannequin Christmas Tree: How To Make Your Own Unique One

Updated: Sep 14

With a dress form, Christmas tree accessories, decorations and scrap material you can make a Mannequin Christmas Tree that will be the envy of everyone who sees it.

A DIY Mannequin Christmas tree adds a unique decor ambiance to your home during a wonderful holiday season. My first mannequin tree came to fruition a few years back. I had a dress form laying around my house and saw a Mannequin Christmas Tree on Pinterest that inspired me to make my own. The one I saw was made with chicken wire and presented very intricately, but I used something quite different: an extra large dog cone that my malamute boy never used. It became the body for my Mannequin Christmas tree.

My Steps To Make This Fun And Creative DIY

1. I used a dress form and an extra large dog collar cone. Readily available on Amazon. I looped heavy nylon ribbon through the loops and tied to back of dress form.

2. Then I began adding faux green tree garland hanging and securing each branch to the top of the collar cone. The cone gave it enough puff to create the tree bottom.

3. Once the skirt began I added very wide gold ribbon to the form wrapping it around to the back and secured it with pins (this way it's removable later). I also began adding embellishments and Christmas decorations to the dress.

4. Now I glued beaded garland on the wide gold ribbon around the waist area. Then added a beautiful gold sequined bird ornament to the red ribbon around the neck post.

I added red poinsettias and gold accessories to the dress and a brooch to complete the tree.

With a mannequin dress form you can create the most wonderful floral trees. Whatever works for you. Customize it away!

Make sure to check back to see how I make a pampas grass mannequin centerpiece.

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