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Midlife Women Entrepreneurs: How They Became Rock Stars

Updated: Nov 8

One thing midlife woman entrepreneurs have in common: they have found success in life through following their intuition and never looking back.

Women who become entrepreneurs at 40-plus are some of the most passionate people you'll ever meet. They've been through some years of trials and errors and have accumulated business and life experience, knowledge and skills, social networks, and resources that better equip them for success. They tend to have better social skills and are better able to regulate their emotions when needed. Simply said, they've learned so much along the way! The likelihood of success as a founder increases with age. Did you know a 40-year-old founder is twice as likely to build a thriving enterprise than a 20 year old? Think about that for a hot second.

Midlife woman entrepreneurs trust themselves implicitly when it comes to making decisions about their businesses, and have learned that being true to themselves is the key to finding personal and professional happiness. However they are part of a large, growing, and yet still deeply undervalued group: the swelling ranks of 40-plus entrepreneurs, new small business owners, solopreneurs and self employed, who embody what it means to be successful. Stories like theirs aren't highlighted enough in the entrepreneurial world.

Meet a few ladies who had a vision. Some overcame medical or personal obstacles, but with gusto and passion to succeed, they became Midlife Rock Stars!

Julie Medeiros

Founder of: Miss M Online Classes

Julie Medeiros is the founder of Miss M Online Classes, a business academy with marketing and business courses, that every day allows her to empower kids 8+ to discover and monetize their talents through entrepreneurship education. During the pandemic she embraced the opportunity to become a home teacher for her own kids and rediscovered her passion for teaching, then set out to do so. It thrills her to give back and pass on her knowledge of entrepreneurship and business wisdom - to encourage children to find their inner talent, and use it productively. She helps motivate them so they can continue forward when faced with adversity, without losing sight of what they want in the future. Just because they're kids now doesn't mean they don't have big dreams.

Julie: I figured I could offer entrepreneurial kids great business education with my degrees in education and marketing, plus my experience running a family business. My career as a pharmaceutical executive helped me realize that I was capable of much more than what was available in the corporate world.

Tip For Entrepreneurs: If you're looking to change a career, don't start a business for the sake of money. Start it to create impact, pursue your passion and always, always stay true to yourself!

Imby Langenbach

Founder of: KARMME

Imby Langenbach is the founder of KARMME, a small leather goods company. As a creative all her life, it was during her neck post-surgery world when she couldn't carry a bag without discomfort on her shoulder, and needed something to hold her phone, keys and wallet in, that led Imby to sew herself a small clutch purse using materials recycled from other projects. This journey of self-discovery was when she also learned how to do shibori dyeing on fabric. From there she shared her clutch bag designs on Instagram and KARMME was born. Imby credits her success to creating beautiful pieces, staying authentic and finding your point of difference. She says "Each bag is made with thought, care & consideration, carefully wrapped and a hand written note goes out to every customer." Receiving a piece of KARMME should feel special.

Imby: Midlife rocks because you have the foundations of your 20's & 30's where you made mistakes, found out what your passion is and now you have time and space to enjoy that passion."

Tip For Entrepreneurs: Turning your passion into a viable business, is stay in your own lane, your passion is unique to you. Block out the white noise of others and keep doing what you love, the rest will fall into line if its meant to.

Melissa MacGowan

Founder of Meno Collective

Melissa MacGowan is the founder of Meno Collective, which partners with workplaces to educate and empower women at all stages of the menopause journey. She had no idea that she was going through early onset of menopause causing her to spend entire nights awake and full days sobbing in bed. With no idea of that Melissa quit her Fortune 500 corporate job after building it for 20 years. After learning about early menopause, she had the "A-ha" moment: If there is no

help for me, then I should help other women struggling with menopause. So Meno Collective was born and six years later, she continues to coach executive women and help businesses become menopause friendly and supportive.

Melissa: The secret is to not be afraid to ask for help. Menopause affects half the population, and as soon as you start talking to other women, you realize they want to learn more too. We’ve collected other great minds & made them part of our team. We partner with independent medical experts that support our work.

Tip For Entrepreneurs:

Know that there's always a third option. Life isn't binary. Nothing is impossible & investing in yourself is the best choice you'll ever make. If you're thriving not just surviving you can help others.

Janine Leghissa

Founder of Desiderate

Janine Leghissa is the founder of Desiderate, the fabulous silver jewelry company that's a little Boho and a little sparkly. Her vision for creating unique jewelry came deeply from the heart during a very trying time in her life - being diagnosed with Lupus. She started selling jewelry on Facebook and quickly realized there was a market for women aged 35-65. She pulled from her senior management career in international hairdressing specializing in color and design, and started designing her own products and launched Desiderate. Her definition: the feeling you get when you see a cute piece of jewelry and you really want it. In five short years she has grown a team, and supports overseas silversmiths and artists. Her passion for success and finding beauty in life shines through her line of her top quality materials and stones.

Janine: Desiderate is my phoenix rising from the ashes. I didn't know then that it would be the catalyst to living a more complex life, one that I could only dream of years ago.

Tip For Entrepreneurs: 'Work out who your perfect customer is, create a product or service that is perfect for them and then use any avenue to put it in front of them'

Behind every success story, especially for midlife entrepreneurs, a medical or personal obstacle led to their shift. Midlife has brought an abundance of experience for me too personally. After recovering from a brain surgery, I finally found the courage to pursue what I love doing most: entrepreneurship. My family played a huge part in my decision to make this change as they encouraged me throughout every step. From being a managing director for a global company where I founded a new division, I now work as an independent lifestyle content creator and recently launched my boutique shop offering one-of-a kind statement pieces for weddings and other celebrations.

The highest success rates in entrepreneurship come from founders in middle age and beyond. Do you have a story to share with the world? I would love to meet you. Email me at Fluca(at)LifestyleGiftGuide(dot)com. Follow on me Instagram and Pinterest


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