• Felicia

Treat Yourself Or Friends With A Simple Fruit Or Chocolate Covered Platter

Updated: Sep 14

Make a simple fruit or chocolate platter anytime. Why? Because every day should feel like a celebration to remember.

I've always loved experimenting with different fruits to create displays that make everyone smile, especially me! When you create a fruit or chocolate platter something happens. Four of your senses kick in big time, ready to embrace everything your masterpiece offers them.

  • Sight: We wonder at the many colors that fruits bless us with.

  • Smell: There is always an abundance of sweetness and aroma that embraces you.

  • Touch: The feel and texture of the fruit are all unique and interesting.

  • Taste: Each flavor makes your mouth water and you think "yum!"

All this leads to each platter, small or large, bring to life a sense of happiness and has you appreciate the beauty in front of you. Whatever the occasion is: after dinner fruit time, afternoon social with friends or just cutting up fruit for a quick snack, each platter helps you treat each day as a celebration.

Summer Fruit Celebration!

I like to cut fruit up in different shapes and create eye-catching platters. Remember they don't have to be perfect, just eye-catching. I find it's all about the color placement and fruit offers so many combinations to consider. One thing I'm also big on is layering, as it give your platter dimension. Also, when you need filler like I did below, add another fruit. I placed cherries around the base of this fruit delight.

Sweet and Salty... Anytime!

One of my favorite trays to make is the "sweet and salty anytime!" A chocolate covered platter rich with chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmallows with a touch of salty from pretzels and my own version of chocolate clusters. Sometimes I add raspberry chocolate holes to add an extra touch to these platters. They become the small poppers.

Fruit Art!

With this fruit platter I added a few stems from the pineapple I cut up, celery flowers and a tiny Alstroemeria flower pedal in the middle, just to compliment the beautiful fruit. Notice that I cut each fruit into different shapes. There are so many shapes to work with.

Extra Fruit Piece Wonder!

There's always fruit pieces left over...always. So I suggest placing them in a bowl, move it around slowly and then pour slowly onto a tray. Placed next to your fruit display this tray adds more impact to presentation, if only for you to see.

Small Makes A Big Impact!

When You're in a hurry, why not try making a small tray and always add a little something extra. Here I used recycled plastic lemons from a lemon cake. Just replace the toothpicks with new ones and voila! A small tray with Big Impact!

Next time you take out a few pieces of fruit, why not create your masterpiece. Then sit back admire it and indulge your senses.

Send me photos of your fruit or chocolate covered platters. I'd love to share them on my website. Fluca(at)lifestylegiftguide(dot)com.