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What Is Product Storytelling?

Taking Customers on a Sightseeing, Exploration and Discovery Tour!

Everyone has an amazing story to tell: where they come from, activities that shaped their life, how their emotional and physical well-being was challenged, family traditions and milestones that influenced their direction, their present situation and what goals are on the horizon.

For products, the same can be said, and it starts with you as the founder. Whether you've just launched a new product, a crafter with the most awesome craft or XXXXXXXX What inspired you to create the product, why does the world need your product, key features and attributes that deliver value to the diverse world we call home, what Olympic hurdles did you overcome to make and introduce your product, what problems did it solve, how it satisfied a need and how it differentiates from other competitors.

This is why product storytelling is so important to the success of your product. As your product’s tour guide, you take a customer on a sightseeing, exploration and discovery tour. This enables you to engage and create a picture that will stick in a customer’s head and be remembered. I have to often remind myself that “Yes”, potential customers want to see bullet points and lists containing facts, features, figures and benefits, but having them presented in a personal way will always increase the chances that a customer will relate to your message and see what you are offering is important. It’s imperative for your story and your customer’s story to interlink so they feel a connection with you. Sometimes you might even connect with how they see themselves: their lives, schedules, goals and aspirations all leading to customer loyalty.

Here is a list, a story list, to incorporate storytelling for your product.

Story Tour Intro: This is where you tell a little about yourself sharing some fun facts along with what inspired you to create this product. What was the need you saw, then tease the obstacles that allowed you to persevere and succeed. I believe sharing a bit of your product timeline is also good here.

Sightseeing: Now you enhance your story. You must be genuine or it will sound scripted. Relay your story with impactful presentation imagery to show why the world needs your new product, what influenced you to name it showcasing the cool features and benefits it offers everyone.You should even share a little something about the people who make your product. After all, they play a vital role in what your product is.

Exploration: This is the convincing part, and you must nail down your marvelous story. Here you educate the customer by sharing how you understand their problems, relate to them and how your product solves a problem and satisfies a need. Detail how your product is tried, tested and differentiates from others in your market share. You highlight the materials, ingredients, sustainability and how you give back to the environment or charities.

Discovery: This point is always fun. It’s when your customer has the “aha'' moment. It happens while you share a few reviews, some photos of unboxings and definitely point out, once again, how your product is different from others. This is the point when you motivate them as to why they need your product now. It’s the urgency to purchase because it solves a need immediately. And, of course, always include what the future holds for your product and new product lines.

Product Storytelling is just storytelling: something we do daily when we speak to our family, friends, colleagues, people we meet, and potential customers. Just think about how you interact with others when you see them and pause for a moment. I bet you just told a story and it was probably one that someone will remember. It’s as simple as that!

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